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Top quality service at an affordable price
What We Do
  1. Tree Removal
    Tree Removal
  2. Tree Trimming
    Tree Trimming
 About us​​

We are a small family operated company that focuses on  old fashioned quality service.
We believe that quality control is unmatched when the owners are personally involved in projects. 
Producing high caliber performance that surpasses bigger companies at more affortable price is the result.

"Safe and professional  operation during service" and "leaving the site as if we weren't there" are the usual comments we receive from  our customers.
A job well done, not just another job done, is our goal entering each and every project. We give full attention and time until the project is completed to customers' satisfaction. 

The business was established in 2011 and was incorporated the following year. From its inception, our company has been built  purely from satisfied customers' recommendations.   

Although our work is mostly around the Medina and Akron area, we have traveled farther through customers' requests for family and friends.

We hope to be part of your project and thank you for considering us.


  1. Tree removal before
    During tree removal, things can be quite messy
    Tree removal before
  2. Tree removal after
    Our clean up leaves no extra hassles for the customers
    Tree removal after
  3. Crown reduction
    Thinned crown and raised lower branches to increase sun light in the yard.
    Crown reduction
  4. Crown reduction 2
    Use of lift speeds up service in open areas.
    Crown reduction 2
  5. Huge maple dismantle
    130 foot maple removal over house in tight space. Unable to use equipment, each piece was roped down.
    Huge maple dismantle
  6. Tree topped
    After topping, "chunking down" is the next step to reduce the height of the trunk when space is tight.
    Tree topped